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Governments & Politics of  Chhattisgarh

In Chhattisgarh Ajit Jogi, the first Chief Minister of the state, has been the most controversial politician of the Satte. Prominent leaders, besides him, in the Indian National Congress Party are Vidya Charan Shukla, and Motilal Vora. Dr. Raman Singh has been the second Chief Minister of the State and first of the Bhartita Janata Party after the general elections held in November 2003. Besides him, Ramesh Bais, and Dilip Singh Judeo, both former Union Ministers, are other prominent leaders of the party. Dauram Ratnakar is the Chief of the State Unit of the Bahujan Samaj Party for the last many years. Chhattisgarh has given many prominent leaders in the past which include Pandit ravi Shankar Shukla who was the Prime Minister (as the post was known then) of the state of Central Provinces And Berar before the first general Elections in the country, and later the first Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh; his son Pandit Shyama Charan Shukla was Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh thrice. Naresh Chandra Singh, Raja of Sarangarh and a tribal leader of stature, was Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh once and Motilal Vora twice. Earlier in 1962, the Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh Pandit Dwarka Prasad Mishra was elected to the state assembly from Kasdol assembly segment in Chhattisgarh. Other prominent leaders of that era include Mahant Lakshmi Narayan Das, Sundar Lal Sharma, Mini Mata and Chandu Lal Chandrakar. There are 4 major political parties and many independents with followers in the state:

Bharatiya Janata Party (Currently holding the majority in the Legislative Assembly of Chhattisgarh)
Indian National Congress(Indira) (Held the majority the last time around)
Bahujan Samaj Party
Gondwana Party
There is a heavy presence of armed insurgent communists (known as Naxalites) in southern and northern part of the state almost running parallel Government in the hinterland Chhattisgarh is as of 2006 the most Naxalite-affected state in the country.


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