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On 1 November 1966, Haryana was carved out on the basis of that the parts of Punjab which were to be Haryana's "Hindi-speaking areas." What had really happened was that an Hindu organization known as Vishwa Hindu Parishad then-called Jansangh, went to the parts of Punjab of which the people were Punjabi speaking and they went and asked them what was their national language, they said it is Hindi. So on that basis, they made it seem like that all the people that they went to told them that Hindi is their language, national indeed. Same example was followed in creation of Himachal Pradesh. They were the mostly Punjabi-speaking eastern portion of Punjab, while the other Punjabi-speaking eastern portion remained as current day Punjab (India). The city of Chandigarh, also a Punjabi speaking area of district Rupnagar was made a union territory to serve as capital of both these states. Chandigarh was due to transfer to state of Punjab in 1986, according to the Rajiv-Longowal Accord, but the transfer has been delayed pending an agreement on which parts of the supposedly Hindi speaking areas of Abohar and Fazilka, currently part of Firozpur District of Punjab, that should be transferred to Haryana in exchange. In the 1970s, Haryana contributed significantly to the Green Revolution and White Revolution in India.

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