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How to Go Mizoram


Mizoram is connected through National Highway 54. NH-150 connects the state with Seling Mizoram to Imphal Manipur. NH-40A links the State with Tripura.A road between Champhai and Tiddim Myanmar will soon connect the two countries.

Air Service
Mizoram has only one airport, Lengpui Airport, near Aizawl and this Airport can be reached from Kolkata by Air within a short period of 40 minutes. Mizoram is also accessible from Kolkata via Silchar Airport, which is about 200 km. from the state capital of Mizoram.

Mizoram can be easily reached by train at Bairabi rail station or via Silchar. Bairabi is about 110 km, where Silchar is about 180 km. from the state capital.

Water ways
Mizoram is in the process of developing water ways with the port of Akyab Sittwe in Myanmar along Chhimtuipui River. India is investing $103 million to develop the Sittwe port on Myanmar's northern coast, about 160 km from Mizoram. Myanmar committed $10 million for the venture, which is part of the Kaladan Multipurpose project [10].


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