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Rourkela is the main center of trade in the district Sundergarh as well as for Orissa. Rourkela is well connected to most part of the country by superfast trains.It takes around 7 hrs by train from Bhubaneswar.Also you can reach here from Kolkata which takes 6 hrs.The prominent trains from Bhubaneshwar are Tapaswini express,GARIB RATH,Utkal express.The trains connecting to kolkata are Sambaleswari express,Gyaneswari express,Gitanjali express, Azadhind,Ahmedabad howrah express and Mumbai-Howrah Mail.The cost for both fares is around 400 rs.

By road:You can get to rourkela from bhubaneshwar by luxury buses for a cost of 300-400 rs.Also the roadway is quite good from the state capital.

 Getting around is very easy with shared autos and very cheap buses.The auto is now the most popular form of transportation cuz it is quite cheap.Also hired ambassadors,tata sumos,etc are available for sight seeing the tourist spots in and around rourkela.

Hotels and place to sleep in Rourkela.

Mayfair Hotel, Panposh road.

Hotel Shyam & Brindaban, Main Road,Taxi stand (500 m. away from railway station), 09778560850.

Deepti Hotel, Ring Road,Rourkela