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Transportation to Punjab

By plane
To come to India the two main Airports are in Delhi & Mumbai, But these are not the only options available, there are there are more than 334 civilian airports in India 238 with paved runways and 108 with unpaved runways.

To get to Punjab the best options are these:

Delhi Is the main port when traveling into India by Air. Indira Gandhi International Airport  has been under heavy renovations, Now a stunning looking airport, is one of the nicest and most busiest airports in the world. Only a few hours drive or a few hours by Train.

Amritsar also has a International airport, it is one of the only ones in Punjab, The Raja Sansi International Airport  is open 24 hours, and is a closer drive to some parts of Punjab then New Delhi.

By train
India's rail network is the longest of any country. Trains run at an average of around 50-60 km/h, which means that it can take more than two days to get from one corner of the country to another. Rail operations throughout the country are run by the state-owned company, Indian Railways. The rail network traverses through the length and breadth of the country, covering a total length of around 63,000 km (39,000 miles). Out of this a total 16,693 km of track has been electrified till now and 12,617 km have double tracks.

Trains can be caught very easily through out India to get to Punjab, For very cheap. Trains are often the best way to experience India and Punjab.


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