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Hotels in Jhansi

Budget Hotels

There are many budget hotels and lodges in the old city area too. If you want to get a glimpse of daily life of Jhansi, then you can stay in a hotel in old city area which is noisy all the time.

* Hotel Shrinath Inn, station road. A new hotel for budget travelers, this is reasonably priced, and very close to city centre.
* Hotel Pujan, Gwalior road, civil lines. A budget hotel near city centre(Elite crossing, towards Gwalior road).
* Central Hotel(nearest hotel from railway station), Chitra chouraha. This is at walking distance from railway station if you do not have heavy luggage. Old building and laid back feel in the rooms.
* Apna Guest House, Near Nandini Theatre. Reasonably priced rooms in the heart of the city.
* Samrat Hotel, Chitra chouraha. Some rooms are very small and without proper ventilation. But very close to railway station. Has a restaurant also.
* Hotel P.D. Palace Nera Govind Chauraha, this is reasonably priced, A.C. and Non A.C. rooms, with dining and every facility you require.
* Sahara Lodge, Sipri bazaar. Basic lodging at reasonable rates.
* Hotel Bhavna, New Road. Popular among middle class business travelers. Basic, but situated in the business district, so offers convenience for travelers.
* Hotel Panchali, New Road. Mostly business travelers from nearby towns and cities prefer this, as this is also in the crowded business district.

Mid-range Hotels

Some mid-range hotels in Jhansi have their own restaurant and some even have a bar.

* Hotel Rahi Veerangana, Elite-Sipri road. A mid-range hotel run by U.P. tourism department. The atmosphere is calm but rooms are basic, though some with balcony. Some rooms are air conditioned. Room service is available. The hotel has a bar and restaurant too.
* Hotel Tulsi, Chitra crossing. A new hotel in the north of the railway station, with good rooms.
* Dreamland Hotel, Station road. This hotel has been renovated and renamed but the atmosphere is cool and offers good accommodation.
* Ashok Hotel, Elite-Sipri road. Ashok hotel has a well stocked bar also and is in the city centre.
* Hotel Highway, Sipri bazaar. A good place to stay in Sipri bazaar area, near railway station. Restaurant and bar. Rooms are good value for money.

Splurge Hotels

Nearly all the high-end hotels in Jhansi have multi-cuisine restaurants offering veg. and non veg. food. The rooms are mostly air conditioned and 24 hour room service is a norm, but most of them have check out time at 12 noon.

* Jhansi Hotel, Sadar Bazaar. This single story hotel with high ceiling rooms and verandah, takes you to old British days of 'Raj'. You can expect excellent room service and comfort here.
* Hotel Sita, Elite-Sipri road. This is a hotel with three star facilities, including foreign exchange counter, travel counter, safe deposit boxes, multi channel TV, phone, etc. Good air conditioning and 24 hour room service. The hotel has a small souvenir shop and a cozy, well stocked, air conditioned bar and a multi cuisine, air conditioned restaurant. The pick of the bunch, if you are looking for modern comfort.
* Hotel Shrinath Palace, Station road. This hotel offers deluxe rooms with air conditioning, 24 hour room service, and an air conditioned restaurant with a large, multi cuisine menu.
* Hotel Prakash Regency, Near Nandini Theatre. Situated in the city centre, the hotel offers air conditioned rooms with modern amenities, 24 hour room sevice. It has a swimming pool also to beat the heat during summer months. There is a simple bar and a multi cuisine restaurant too.
* Chanda Hotel, Near SPI Inter College. Another three star hotel with a view to Jhansi fort. Air conditioned rooms with room service and there is a restaurant too.
* Hotel Yatrik, Near Elite crossing. A new hotel in city centre area, the rooms are loaded with air conditioning and other amenities. Air conditioned restaurant with multi cuisine menu serving good food at reasonable prices.
* Hotel Raj Palace, Sadar Bazaar. This hotel offers good value for your money with air conditioned rooms and effecient room service.